1: Rare Bicentennial Quarters are highly sought after by collectors, with some exceeding $44 million in value.

2: The top rare Bicentennial Quarter is the 1976-S Silver Proof, valued at over $200,000.

3: Another valuable coin is the 1976-S Type 2 Proof, worth around $250,000.

4: The 1976-D Bicentennial Quarter is also highly coveted, with values reaching up to $60,000.

5: Rounding out the top 5 rare Bicentennial Quarters is the 1976-S Clad Proof, valued at over $40,000.

6: These rare coins are a valuable addition to any collection, with their historical significance and limited availability.

7: Collectors should be on the lookout for these rare Bicentennial Quarters at coin shows and auctions.

8: Investing in rare Bicentennial Quarters can be a profitable venture for those who know what to look for.

9: With values exceeding $44 million, rare Bicentennial Quarters are a hot commodity in the numismatic world.

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